SafeHouse foundation works with different target groups for which we have designed different programs with different purposes and outcomes.

• children and adult human trafficking victims
• youth
• community
• specialists with different backgrounds

Children and adult human trafficking victims
SafeHouse Foundation provides victims with direct psychological and social assistance as well as training in life skills and financial management. After having completed our programs we refer our clients to other organizations to give them a chance to receive other types of comprehensive assistance (medical, government assistance, security services, social services, work related).

SafeHouse Foundation does prevention education, vocational trainings, life skills trainings for youths at-risk.

SafeHouse Foundation launches a variety of informational campaigns to raise awareness in society about human trafficking.

Specialists with different backgrounds
SafeHouse Foundation provides trainings for specialists with different backgrounds with methods of identificaton, resources for referral and how to provide immediate and professional assistance to human trafficking victims.



In 2017 the SafeHouse Foundation  became the winner in the subsidies competition of the Moscow City Public Relations Committee with the socially significant project “Creating a safe future together.” Prevention of involvement in socially dangerous situations of violence and exploitation of children and young people from vulnerable groups. ” The project includes the development and implementation of preventive group trainings, as well as the providing of individual social and psychological support (mentoring) for children and young people from high-risk groups (in boarding schools and orphanages, their graduates, “little mothers”). The ultimate goal of the project is to promote a socialization and adaptation of graduates of institutions and other children and youth from at-risk groups by building a safe future perspective which is based on  reducing the risks of engaging in violence and exploitation in socially dangerous situations. The project is implemented on the territory of Moscow at the expense of subsidies from the budget of the city of Moscow in the period from December 2017 to November 2018.


The project “Together Against Trafficking in Persons during the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018” aims to raise awareness and reduce the incidence of involvement of vulnerable groups in situations of sexual, labor exploitation, begging.

Within the framework of cooperation with the Salvation Army organization, the specialists of the SafeHouse Foundation will conduct seminars in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don and Samara in the period from May 12 to June 2, 2018, aimed at raising awareness of NGOs, psychologists, social workers, representatives of state structures, initiative groups and activists in the field of preventing human trafficking with the aim of organizing preventive work in the regions, as well as identifying and referring victims of trafficking during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.



  • JewelGirls

  • JewelGirls

  • JewelGirls

JewelGirls is an art therapy program. We created it specially for children and youth human trafficking victims or at high risk. Our clients found themselves in a difficult situations — permanently or temporarily in shelters and orphanages, their graduates, minors and pregnant girls «little mothers» as well as persons experienced human trafficking situations.

Among participants of the program are boys and girls experienced situations of different types of violence, forced labor, sexual and labor exploitation, living on the streets and being involved in begging.

Participants come together several times per week for art therapy workshops where they create unique jewelry and other handmade products as well as getting an opportunity to work through their psychological difficulties. Afterwards created products sold and the revenue makes participants able to be financially independent, to build their own budget and properly evaluate their own needs. These skills are gained during the financial management training provided by SafeHouse Foundation which is  following by training sessions on safe behaviour, searching for legal jobs, resume writing and preparation for the legal job interview process. Thus, the participants JewelGirls program learn to be independent, responsible and self- sustainable. Visit for more information.


  • CharmAlarm

One of the difficulties of combatting human trafficking is that traffickers usually advertise online on websites and social networks both when recruiting victims and when advertising humans for sale. Sexually exploited victims that are minors are often presented as older and with photos that give the appearence of them being adults. Both children as well as adults are sold online with those methods.

SafeHouse Foundation created an innovative and interactive website called Charm Alarm ( to educate teenage girls, give them a chance to estimate their own at-risk-level and to connect with at-risk youths to equip them with knowledge and resources to understand, avoid, and recover from sex trafficking situations.

Charm Alarm is also created to build the capacity of the Russian anti-trafficking community in order to better understand and prevent situations of internet-facilitated sex trafficking.

  • Prevention Education

In Russia 174 000 children live in orphan care. One in three girls become involved in prostitution within a year after leaving the orphanage and the boys often end up in criminal activities. These institutions only manage to re-adapt 10% of the children by equipping the becoming young adults with the abilities to live a normal life after leaving their care. In the remaining group 40% of the former orphans get involved in criminal activities, 40% become addicted to alcohol or drugs and 10% commit suicide.

It is important to keep in mind that anyone could become a victim of trafficking indepentent of age, gender, level of education and social status. The most common types of human trafficking found in Russia are sexual, labor and begging exploitation.

When it comes to prevention education SafeHouse Foundation works mostly with youths, since they are the most vulnerable group. We encounter our target groups in places like schools, centers for children, orphanage care premises, shelters, crisis centers and centers for street children. We have developed training for youths that informs about human trafficking and gives them simple tools of how to avoid human trafficking situations and protect themselves.

We provide them with information material and connect them to community resources, as well as raise their knowledge for the problem. We also provide them with enough information to identify other youths at-risk or that already are being trafficked and how to report in those cases.

SafeHouse Foundation runs the prevention education program focused on vulnerable youth groups like orphans, street children or homeless children, young people looking for employment abroad, children from troubled families, institutionalized children, young people with low level of education and victims of violence or human trafficking. Most program participants have experienced violence, situations of sex and labor trafficking, as well as poverty.

However horrific their previous experiences may be our positive focus lies in the young people’s personal resilience and passionate desire for a better life. SafeHouse Foundation provides them with life skills, financial management skills trainings, leadership training and other skillsets that prepare them for a long and self-sustainable life. SafeHouse Foundation works with partner organizations around these activities and around procedures to refer victims to these initiatives in the regions where cooperation exist.

  • Training and Supervision

  • Training and Supervision

Do you need training or supervision? Get in touch and we will get back to you! Send us an email with “training request” or “supervision request” in your email subject line and send it to  us in the email.

SafeHouse Foundation provides specialized training and assistance to both organizations and individuals that want to provide their personnel with knowledge and tools to understand and address human trafficking of different kinds, such as sex exploitation, labor exploitation, domestic servitude. We also provide dealing with  social entepreneurship as well as sustainable and social business development.

To date, SafeHouse Foundation has provided training to schools, medical staff, social workers, psychologists, law enforcement officers, NGO personnel of different backgrounds, Embassy personnel, orphanage care facilities’ staff, church staff, universities and social entepreneurs to name a few.

Who should attend a SafeHouse Foundation training?

• Law Enforcement personnel
• Orphanage care facilities and schools staff
• Medical staff, psychologists and social workers
• Embassy personnel
• NGO personnel
• Legal service agencies and lawyers
• Students
• Business companies staff
• Social entepreneurs

How much time do you need to complete the training?
SafeHouse Foundation training will meet the needs of each concrete agency ranging in time from two hours to several days. Trainings are creatively designed specifically for each target audience.
We will work with you to ensure that your needs are met within the time constraints we have agreed upon.

How much does training or supervision cost?
SafeHouse has cost-efective and pro bono options. We are also willing to partner with organizations in many different ways to support training initiatives.

If organizations or individuals need supervision and support on specific or separate cases connected to human trafficking we are ready to provide it on a single-case basis.


SafeHouse Foundation runs different informational campaigns to raise awareness in society about human trafficking. We organize different events with movies, discussions, exhibitions, workshops, etc to provide participants with information. SafeHouse Foundation is glad to cooperate with other social and business organizations to participate or organize event together.

We have created a variety of material to reach out to audiences of different age, gender, social status and nationalities.